A User Experience Designer, Developer and An Average User

About Me

I Am Sen, A User Experience Designer, Developer and An Average User

I cherish how it is users think and feel, and offer my sympathy to a greater extent; I defy why it is the status quo, and embrace both subtle and radical changes; I strive for what it is in between average and greatness, and navigate to follow that should be followed.
I believe in the data, the researches, the everything about the fundamentals that is possible to define experience in any way. I doubt the norms, the establishments, the everything about the rules that seem to break in no way.
I have experience designing products on different platform across web to mobile, as well as on physical material such as paper, etc.
In this brand new 2018, I target myself as an intermediate front end developer and working on the language and framework part of it. Besides front end development, I am also sharpening my C# tool to better hunt in this design and coding world. I always want to be a full stack designer, developer and researcher. I believe all of these will be useful for my career at a certain point and I am enjoying it.


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In the past few years I have done many projects that I am proud of, and I am sure you can find some that you love also. Do let me know if want to talk with me about some of the projects in details and yeah, I love sharing with you, so much.


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Currently in Indiana, U.S.